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WSL Supertubos 2017

I’ve never seen barrels that big in my life! Perfect timing for next step of World Surf League. This time best surfers were fighting on Supertubos Beach in Portugal during MEO Rip Curl… Continue reading

Cascais Women’s Pro 2017

All best surfing girls were fighting for title at Guincho Beach near Lisbon / Portugal. Waves were far from perfect but those girls can surfing strong in every condition.   Sally Fitzgibbons still… Continue reading

Extreme Sailing Series Lisbon 2016

Adrenaline-fuelled global Extreme Sailing Series™ have set new standards in sailing. Fleet of hydro-foiling GC32 racing boats is for fast and furious:-) This is Formula One of sailing:          … Continue reading

Supertubos B&W

Black and white impressions from world class surfing at Supertubos / Portugal: Massive top turn Flatter The Jaws Air Reverse Backflip Super tube Another massive top turn Inside the tube Small but good

Sierra Nevada Freestyle

Big jumps, big crashes – welcome to super snow park – Sierra Nevada! UFO? Big jump! And whats your true love? Another big air But sometimes things goes wrong…


Snowcross is all about close fight and high speed. Four competitors and only one winner. Check out the best student snowboarders fighting during Winter Universiade in Granada: